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The spirit of enterprise:In order to fine management,Flexible management means,Continuously strengthen the optimize allocation of resources,Ability to configure,Provide customers with high quality integrated logistics services!The company mission:Sincere service to the customer would like to bring joy and warmth of spring breeze!Service tenet:Security、The economy、Quickly!

Emei city tiansheng logistics co., LTD

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The most convenient iron fast transport of goods

The company is now in retail department store、Wholesale goods railway express business,In line with safety、The economy、Quick service tenet to provide quality services to our clients,Welcome general customers enquiries。

Coal freight ton-km1Coal enterprises will cut down the cost of billions

  Since2016Years2Month4The date,China railway corporation cut coal rate,Each ton-km1Penny。Railway freight after cut,Throughout the year will be for coal enterprises to reduce cost of $ten billion。  In fact,As the railway traffic is declining,Last year, the railway freight volume is a record of China railway freight the largest decline ever。Once the largest railway freight volume of coal in particular,Because of the reduced demand,The situation is exacerbated by the railway excess capacity。  The personage inside course of study thinks,Railway capacity increasing,But coal demand will continue to decline,The situation of the domestic railway excess capacity will be more obvious,The future of railway freight still have cut space。  Railway freight  Will help coal costs ten billion yuan    According to preliminary estimates,The railway freight its full-year will save coal enterprises logistics cost100One hundred million yuan。  The personage inside course of study thinks......
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Tiansheng logistics acceptance of text(Water and air)[ Download ]
Tiansheng logistics acceptance(Water and air)[ Download ]